The Empanada Maker Franchise Opportunity

A Cuisine in Tune with Today’s Trends

The Empanada Maker Franchise Opportunity

Convenience and Taste Customers Love

The Empanada Maker Franchise Opportunity

An Established Brand Positioned For Growth


Building a Modern Empanada Brand in Today’s Quick-Service Landscape

Discover the promise of the empanada industry and what makes us stand out as an industry leader.


    Why Own a Franchise with The Empanada Maker?

    The Empanada Maker Franchise sets the pace for the quick-service restaurant industry and has become a favorite customer destination wherever we open for business.

    Becoming a franchisee with The Empanada Maker places you in an exciting brand with the tools for growth and a lineup of recipes that keep our customers coming back for more.


    Authentic gourmet empanadas inspired by traditional South American cuisine along with our own creations, prepared hot, fresh, and delicious for each and every customer


    Convenient options for sides, dipping sauces, and more that aim to match the on-the-go spirit of the guests we serve


    A growing base of loyal customers who appreciate The Empanada Maker’s commitment to flavor and quality


    An established brand designed for modern operations and to give its franchisees the framework for successful franchise development


    A Simple, flexible franchise business model structured around the concept of easy-build, easy-open, easy-run

    The Empanada Maker is a franchise that moves with the times, and we’re positioned for additional growth in a dynamic and energetic industry.

    What’s an Empanada?


    [em-puh–nah-duh; Spanish em-pah-nah–thah]

    An empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries in Southern Europe, Latin America, and parts of Southeast Asia.

    The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning “to wrap or coat in bread.”

    At The Empanada Maker Franchise, we take empanadas to the next level. Not only do we offer our South American-inspired originals, but we have a wonderful selection of “specialty” empanadas, which pay tribute to different popular flavors from around the globe.

    Empanadas Are Big Business!

    At The Empanada Maker, we’re excited for tomorrow.

    The Empanada Maker Franchise is part of a larger industry with an annual market of more than $370 billion in the US, one that many customers make an essential part of their daily lives.

    Our business was developed with that market in mind, and it guides our growth as a brand.


    In the past few years, empanadas have rapidly increased in demand, now making them one of the most-ordered food items on Grubhub.


    Specialty cuisines have grown alongside the larger industry, with a combined annual growth rate of 5.3% and more expected in the future.


    The Hispanic food market is part of that expansion and is expected to see a growth rate of almost 4.6% over the next five years.

    Investment and Revenue Potential of an Empanada Franchise

    We at The Empanada Maker want our franchisees to hit the ground running, and we’ve designed our build-out and start-up costs to give them the foundation they need to do so.

    As a franchisee of The Empanada Maker, you have the opportunity to expand your footprint beyond your location and reach customers where they work and live.

    Total Investment

    $244,000 to $444,000

    Minimum Liquid Capital

    $250,000 (Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.)

    We’re On the Move!


    The Empanada Maker has become a destination for flavor-conscious customers everywhere we set up shop, and we’re getting ready to expand again.

    In addition to new franchise opportunities in California markets, we’ve implemented long-term development plans into action.

    We’re looking for future franchisees to join our team of empanada enthusiasts as we bring The Empanada Maker brand next to Utah, Arizona, and Nevada and then to the entire U.S.

    Superior Franchise Support and Brand Dedication

    Owning a franchise with The Empanada Maker places you in a market with unlimited potential, and connects you with a business model and menu that has aided our growth.

    While our franchisees are on the front lines of that growth, we make sure they’re never alone.

    From the moment you join The Empanada Maker team, you’ll be offered a robust and targeted support system that’s there when you need extra assistance.

    Territory and Site Selection

    Our support staff will assist in finding the ideal territory for your franchise location and aid you in securing your new site.

    Exclusive Training

    Gain access to our proven systems and established processes to start your business off in the right direction.

    Recipe Development

    We are continually developing new and innovative recipes to keep our customers excited and engaged.

    Grand Opening

    Members of our team will be onsite when you open your doors for the first time and will be available to assist when needed.

    Ongoing Support

    Our dedicated franchise support staff will be available for you every step of the way.


    Work together with our expert design team to get your location set up and ready for business.


    Our ongoing digital and social-media campaigns will help establish The Empanada Maker brand in your community and assist in making your presence known across your territory and beyond.

    Enjoy Life… Enjoy Empanadas… Learn More

    “This place has the best empanadas in town . . . Highly recommend them.”

    Parisa H.
    Laguna Niguel, CA

    “My husband and I love their empanadas. They have a good assortment on any given time of the day . . . Always delicious.”

    Nicola Y.
    Mission Viejo, CA

    “Empanadas to die for. They are really good. Lots of different flavors.”

    Ivonne Z.
    Signal Hill, CA

    Steps to Franchise Ownership

    Are you interested in joining The Empanada Maker franchise family?

    The following is an overview of our franchisee approval process:

    STEP 1


    Our industry outlook provides information about the empanada industry and what sets The Empanada Maker Franchise apart from its competition.

    STEP 2

    (5-10 MINS)

    A member of our support team will reach out to you via telephone to discuss your background and qualifications, and address any questions you may have.

    STEP 3

    (45 MIN- 1 HR)

    Candidate completes the required application and submits it back to The Empanada Maker.

    STEP 4

    (1 HR)

    On this call, we will discuss your goals and objectives as well as review your background, experience, and financials. Your application should have been submitted prior to this call.

    STEP 5

    (15-30 MINS)

    “Meet the Founders” introduction call and time for additional Q&A.

    STEP 6

    (45 MINS)

    Review of the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). This call is an opportunity to discuss, review and answer any questions regarding the roles and responsibilities of the franchisee and the franchisor, or the document itself.

    STEP 7

    (30 MINS)

    The candidate will prepare a proforma and capitalization plan for their potential location. This will help to plan for financing.**

    STEP 8

    (4 HRS)

    Store visit and assessment of the skills and abilities needed to be a successful franchisee. Sometimes this step is completed in conjunction with Discovery Day.

    STEP 9


    This is an opportunity to meet with The Empanada Maker team at our headquarters in Mission Viejo and get to know each other on a more personal basis. Franchisees will be able to ask any additional questions and we will determine if The Empanada Maker is the right fit for both parties.

    STEP 10

    (AFTER 45-60 DAYS)

    Candidate signs the Franchise Agreement and joins The Empanada Maker family.

    **The Empanada Maker is prohibited from assisting you in the completion of your proforma and may only provide you with the information listed in our then-current Franchise Disclosure Document.


    We look forward to meeting you and working together to expand The Empanada Maker brand across the nation.


    Authenticity, Convenience, and Creativity:
    Building a Modern Empanada Brand in Today’s Quick-Service Landscape

    Discover the promise of the empanada industry and what makes us stand out as an industry leader.