The Empanada Maker Franchise: Building a Modern Brand

The Empanada Maker Franchise: Building a Modern Brand

The Empanada Maker franchise is a confluence of rich cultural cuisine, a keen eye for what people enjoy, creativity, and business savvy. The Empanada Maker is positioned to grow with a business model that appeals to investors, entrepreneurs, and those with a passion for great food.

To understand the rise of The Empanada Maker and its upward trajectory, we need to understand its origins – from South America to California, and soon – across the United States.

Traditional South American Cuisine Reimagined

While empanadas can trace their origin to Spain, they took off in South America. This is where the founder of The Empanada Maker, Cameron, fell in love with the cuisine.

Empanadas were simple in concept, and could be filled with everything from roasted vegetables to cheese, savory meats of all kinds, and even fruit.

With the simplicity and versatility, combined with the convenience that empanadas offered as street food, the Latin-inspired cuisine could easily be translated to American audiences, offering more variety than hot dog stands, taco trucks, and pizza joints. It was with this idea that The Empanada Maker was created.

The Empanada Maker and the Growing Demand for Latin Cuisine

A concept is as good as the market demand for it, and The Empanada Maker is an idea whose time has come. With the quick-serve restaurant market saturated with pizza, fried chicken, and burgers, people across the United States crave more variety with high-quality ingredients.

Latin cooking has surpassed pizza as America’s preferred cuisine, and statistics show that trend is slated to grow by leaps and bounds over the next decade

The Empanada Maker is experiencing growth, and the franchise is looking to expand into new territories, bringing the food people crave to locations throughout the United States. From sit-down locations to food trucks for events and on the go, The Empanada Maker is creating delicious, easy-to-carry food and placing it in the hands of people all over the country.

The Empanada Maker: The Food That Fuels Success

Imagine a pocket of dough stuffed with the freshest ingredients that you can eat at a table or take with you anywhere. Now imagine that those ingredients span everything from bacon and eggs for breakfast to spinach and garlic, roasted corn, and spicy pulled pork – and the list goes on.

The Empanada Maker even offers a wide range of sides, such as jalapeno black beans, fries, potato salad made with deviled eggs, and more. For the health-conscious, we offer fresh salads with our signature dressings, as well as vegetarian empanadas. There are even dessert empanadas filled with cheesecake and a berry compote, chocolate crème brulee, and more.

The Empanada Maker knows that great food is a personal pleasure, and it brings people together. Our empanadas are made fresh to order and fly out of our kitchens and out of our food trucks as people clamor for traditional, new, and innovative flavor combinations.

High-quality food made with fresh ingredients, a flavor profile enjoyed by most people in the United States, and affordable prices are the driving forces behind the success and projected growth of The Empanada Maker.

The Empanada Maker: A Franchise Opportunity for Everyone

The Empanada Maker franchise makes delicious food that people crave, and our franchise opportunity is designed for people of all types.

People with a Passion for Good Food

The Empanada Maker franchise opportunity is perfect for those with a passion for cooking, who are looking for a simple business model with built-in training and a reputation that draws people from all over. Our franchise is a great way to own your own business and generate revenue without starting from square one.

Our expert training and ongoing support means you are never stuck or feel you are in this alone. We are always at your side to ensure success.

Franchise Investors

For investors looking to expand their portfolios with franchises that are positioned for growth, The Empanada Maker checks all the boxes. Whether investors are looking for single or multiple units, the low entry point, low overhead, and high potential ROI make The Empanada Maker a great fit for any portfolio.

Looking at the rise of cuisine trends in the United States as well as projections for QSR franchises, investing in The Empanada Maker franchise offers the potential for long-term success.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

Whether people are looking to quit the rat race or if they are in search of something that gives them the opportunity of business ownership, combined with joining a successful and growing team, look no further than The Empanada Maker.

Because we are expanding into new territories, we are looking for people who have the drive to become successful entrepreneurs, but also want a relatively turn-key business model to take to new heights.

The Empanada Maker Franchise Model

At the heart of The Empanada Maker is simplicity. Our food is simple, but with high-end ingredients that can be combined in innovative ways.

We carry that simplicity over to our franchise model. From the initial training to the grand opening and beyond, we strive to make things easy for our franchisees so they can stay on top of things and focus on success, instead of navigating complex systems and red tape. We do this by offering:

  • Low investment costs
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support
  • Low overhead
  • Proprietary recipes that have made The Empanada Maker an industry sensation and ongoing success
  • And expert franchise team to streamline operations and get you off the launch pad quickly
  • Marketing assistance to grow your customer base and get your location noticed
  • Exclusive training for you as a franchisee and for your staff, to make daily operations simple and easy

If you want to learn more about The Empanada Maker and our franchise opportunity, reach out to us here or call us at 833-EMPANADA (831-318-1121). We are growing into new territories and markets, and with continued success, the best move for franchise investors – much like our empanadas – is to get ‘em while they’re hot!