The Empanada Maker Franchise – Frequently Asked Questions


Building a Modern Empanada Brand in Today’s Quick-Service Landscape

Discover the promise of the empanada industry and what makes us stand out as an industry leader.

    How does The Empanada Maker stand out in the modern industry?
    Our selection of gourmet empanadas and delicious sides is something new and exciting in a predictable landscape of burgers, tacos and pizza, and connects us to a customer base that loves what we serve and has helped make us a franchise with amazing potential.
    How much does it cost to open a franchise with The Empanada Maker?

    Every franchisee will have different needs and requirements, and each situation depends on a number of factors including local and state regulations and other concerns. As a general rule, you should expect to invest between $244,000 – $444,000 to get started as a franchisee.

    Do you offer financing?
    We do not work directly with franchisees to provide financing, but we may refer you to financing sources on a case-by-case basis.
    Do you have options for additional revenue streams?
    Yes! We want our franchisees to have multiple revenue streams available to them and will work with you to develop food-truck options alongside your brick-and-mortar location, so you can set up shop wherever the customers are.
    What is the company culture at The Empanada Maker?
    We believe in a team orientation and in keeping a tight focus on customer service. We operate like a family and work together to bring the brand into the future.
    What experience do I need to become a franchisee with The Empanada Maker?
    We’d prefer you to have prior experience in a restaurant environment, but it’s not mandatory. More than anything, we want to work with people who have the drive and energy to help build The Empanada Maker brand.
    What support can I expect after I open my doors for business?
    The Empanada Maker is dedicated to giving our franchisees everything they need to grow the brand and be successful. Superior and continuing support is part of our standard way of working, and we’ll be there when you need an extra hand, whatever the situation.
    What kind of training will I receive when I sign up with The Empanada Maker?

    Every franchisee will be fully trained and prepared for getting yourself and your staff ready to open for business, with training courses first at one of our flagship locations and then onsite at your own location.

    How do I get started?
    The Empanada Maker team is ready to provide expert assistance to help you move from potential candidate to franchisee, with support through territory and site selection, build-out, equipment setup and more. We know the ins and outs of franchising and are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

    Own a Franchise with The Empanada Maker

    At The Empanada Maker, we view each day as a new opportunity to expand our customer base and develop our franchise.

    We’ve got a menu of crave-able empanadas and more, and a business model designed for development in today’s marketplace. The Empanada Maker is built for expansion, and we’re on the move again. We’ve got our sights set on California and beyond, with room to grow. And we’re looking for future franchisees to join us.

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    Authenticity, Convenience, and Creativity:
    Building a Modern Empanada Brand in Today’s Quick-Service Landscape

    Discover the promise of the empanada industry and what makes us stand out as an industry leader.