The Empanada Maker Franchise Opportunity


Building a Modern Empanada Brand in Today’s Quick-Service Landscape

Discover the promise of the empanada industry and what makes us stand out as an industry leader.

    The Empanada Maker has developed a concept that matches the tone of the times and offers the type of easy-in, easy-out, high-quality menu that today’s customers rave about. We’ve got a delicious lineup of traditional South American-inspired empanadas in addition to our own unique specialty empanada creations that embrace cultures from all around the world.

    Our homepage side dishes and dipping sauces are designed to work in concert with our empanadas and bring out the best in every bite. Each customer who visits us knows they’ll get exceptional food along with top-notch service, in an environment that is welcoming and invites our guests to return.

    The Empanada Maker has placed its brand on the frontlines of innovation in a vital and expanding industry, and we offer a cuisine that our customers love and come back for daily. We’re ready and equipped for the future and are excited to bring our growing business to new markets.

    Positioned for the Future

    The Empanada Maker has built its franchise to be as adaptable and as forward-leaning as the menu we serve. Our industry is one of the most exciting and in-demand corners of U.S. commerce, and we’re prepared to lead the way.

    A Large & Dynamic Market

    Today’s quick-service restaurant industry is an energetic and fast-changing field that’s bigger than ever, yet still has much room to grow. It serves an annual market of more than $322 billion and has a significant presence in almost every community of any size across the nation.

    Empanadas in Demand

    The continued growth of the larger quick-service restaurant industry, coupled with U.S. customers’ expanded horizons for cuisines and desire for new dining options, has had a profound impact on specialty cuisines within the industry. Empanadas, in particular, have seen an upswing in popularity over the past few years, and are now one of the most commonly ordered menu items on delivery apps such as GrubHub.

    Continued Future Growth

    The quick-service industry was born in the U.S. in many ways, and the country continues to help businesses thrive and grow. More growth is expected in the coming years, as customers continue trends toward more active lifestyles and busy schedules that demand more convenience in their day wherever they can find it.

    The Empanada Maker Franchise Model

    The Empanada Maker has centered its business around keeping our franchise nimble and on the move, with a drive for excellence and a dedication to its customers and franchisees. We back that up with a structure designed to keep you where the action is and to reward imagination and divergent thinking.

    We work every day to give the people on our team the assistance they need to stay ahead and this is just one way we’re committed to creating a brand for the future.

    Become a Franchisee with The Empanada Maker

    At The Empanada Maker, we’re on the move again. We’re preparing to expand our business into new territories all over the country, and we’d love to start a conversation with our next franchisee today.

    Interested in finding out more details? Connect with us today, and learn how we’re working to change the conversation around quick-service dining.


    Authenticity, Convenience, and Creativity:
    Building a Modern Empanada Brand in Today’s Quick-Service Landscape

    Discover the promise of the empanada industry and what makes us stand out as an industry leader.