The Empanada Maker: Building a Modern Brand

The Empanada Maker is a team-oriented brand offering customers a new take on traditional South American cuisine. We stand apart from the usual and serve up delicious, easy-carry, and flavorful meals.

It’s an approach that’s helped make The Empanada Maker one of the fastest-growing brands and gives us a unique voice and appeal in a market filled with the same old fast food options. Moreover, we’re now expanding our horizons by offering franchise opportunities. This means entrepreneurs who share our vision and passion for redefining the fast food experience can join us in our journey.

Embracing Tradition: A Brand Dedicated to the Empanada

It all starts with the food that’s our namesake. We love empanadas — they’re the centerpiece at The Empanada Maker and customers’ favorite wherever we set up shop.

Empanadas have long been a staple of Latin American cuisine. These half-moon-shaped pocket pastries are a handy way to carry and enjoy savory meats and tender vegetables while on the go.

The Perfect Portable Meal

Empanadas are versatile and tasty and perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And the traditional fillings are only the beginning.

The Empanada Maker has taken them to a new level, combining them with cuisines from across the globe. It’s helped us build a menu that embraces quality and variety and has aided us in developing a loyal and growing customer base.

How The Empanada Maker Got Our Start

For a long time, empanadas didn’t have much of a footprint in the U.S. Other Hispanic cuisine staples like tacos and enchiladas took center stage, and the empanada waited in the wings for someone to introduce them to the American public.

Their time in the spotlight has arrived, courtesy of Cameron Davis, our founder.

Founder and CEO Cameron Davis

Cameron has always been an adventurer and seeker. It’s built into his approach to living and has guided him in his life, career, and travels.

Cameron’s love of all food is part of that way of living. He relishes new dining experiences, blending his discoveries to create something novel and exciting.

Exploring South America

When Cameron was in his teens, he wanted to explore and learn as much as possible from the world around him. His travels took him to South America, where he immediately fell in love with the classic empanada.

Falling in Love with the Empanada

Cameron was taken with how the empanada could be purposed for whatever fillings were available. Chicken, beef, and pork were common, but seemingly endless variations incorporated fruit or cheese, each more delicious than the last.

Cameron recognized the versatility of the pastry and began to dream of ways to bring it to new audiences back home. He knew that the easy portability of this hand food could be just what on-the-go customers in the U.S. were looking for.

When Cameron returned to the U.S., he began to turn his dreams into reality with the concept that he would become The Empanada Maker.

A New Concept for Hispanic Cuisine

Cameron returned to a dining landscape populated by burgers, tacos, and fried chicken and saw a need for something authentic and different from the typical. He believed empanadas could be the right dish at the right time and got to work.

Cameron and his team at The Empanada Maker began by taking a big-picture view of quick-service dining. They felt customers had grown beyond the traditional fast-food menu and were ready for meals that celebrated the best of cultures everywhere.

Meals That Capture the South American Spirit

Above all, the team wanted to convey the dynamic spirit and adaptability that’s helped make the empanada a go-to meal across South America to their customers in the States.

They saw that empanadas could work as well with other cuisines and designed their menu accordingly. Ham and cheese, Philly cheesesteak, pepperoni pizza, and other classic fillings paired wonderfully with the light, flaky outer pastry and created dishes customers craved.

A History of Growth and Brand Development

Cameron and his team knew they were onto something special and wanted to get their concept in front of as many customers as possible. That made California, the nation’s largest and most diverse market, the right choice for its first location.

In 2013, the first The Empanada Maker restaurant opened for business and was an immediate hit with critics and customers alike.

The Future of the Brand

Customers appreciated the empanada’s convenience and loved the different options they had for fillings. Before long, one location became two, and we were on our way.

Today, we’re setting our sights higher and are working to spread the word about our brand to cities across California and the nation. We’re excited about what’s ahead for our franchise and are ready to lead the industry into tomorrow.

Join the Success Story: Become a Franchise Owner with The Empanada Maker

At The Empanada Maker, every day is another chance to do what we love and to continue our mission to create happy customers wherever we open our doors. 

We’ve developed a franchise model in sync with the nation’s trends, we’re preparing to expand our business into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to join us as we grow.

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